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IconOne is a community where the unique complexities of each person are valued. We are a resource for overcoming the obstacles to performance gains and functional lifestyle movement.

Based in a private fitness studio in San Antonio, IconOne is led by experienced, knowledgeable and highly respected staff who have achieved the highest honors in sport by USA Triathlon, fitness Industry leaders and the individuals who have remained members of the team for decades.

“We celebrate the challenges of goal achievement, no matter the quest. Our doors are open to all individuals no matter where you are in the world.”

Our founder, Shelly O’Brien is a successful Olympic / Paralympic Coach, has a BS in Sports Medicine, and 30+ years in the fitness industry. Contact Shelly today to begin your journey.

The human body is complex and we approach every training program from that perspective. Combining BioTensegrity with Metabolic management while maintaining a whole systems approach is the key to IconOne’s long term achievements. Our clients enjoy success with orthopedic pain management, neurological maintenance programming, athletic performance (age-group to elite), and healthy lifestyle integration.

The Latest Posts from IconOne Fitness

From information about general fitness to specific discussions about strength training and equine rider fitness, the IconOne Training Blog is our free resource for the community.

Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games – the long road

The Olympic rings have been a pinnacle component of my entire adult life, often a beacon guiding motivation and instrumental influence. In early 90s, I was focusing on participating as an athlete in Pentathlon. Those dreams were shattered in 1995 when women were not...

Human Core – So Much More than Abdominal Muscles

When talking about the body, if "core" is reference to the torso, it may be helpful to think in 3D. From that perspective, its easier to visualize a network, to go beyond the idea of a singular muscle group. So what else is there? Imagine a 3D rectangular box , then...

Feet – Have you assessed your landing pattern?

Did you know that your foot mechanics can affect your entire body? Did you know, if you use a prosthetic device of any kind it should be assessed 3-4x / year? When we walk (or run) our landing and stride patterns have a direct impact on the way we move. The foot is...

“You don’t have to be great to get started, you have to get started to be great.”

Select Testimonials

At IconOne Fitness, our dedication to excellence shines through in the testimonials of our clients. From elite athletes to seniors looking to improve their strength and conditioning, our personalized approach always exceeds expectations. Take a look at what our clients have to say and join us on the journey to reaching your fitness goals.

“If you want to make positive progress, change your health, and vitality, Shelly has the ability to light up your body both as a positive & knowledgeable coach! You’re never too young or too old to have an awesome coach in your corner. “

Casey M. Jones EDO

“One of the biggest appreciations I have for Shelly is she cares about the person first and does not view you as ‘just another athlete’. I look forward to many more years working with her!”

Kelly Elmlinger


“My journey with IconOne Multisport began as an equestrian needing assistance with developing the proper muscles to achieve my goals.  It has continued as a means of maintaining a healthy strong body as I age. Shelly O’Brien is absolutely the best!”

Diane Pool

Champion Equestrian Rider

Check our Testimonials page for numerous other positive comments from our clients

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