Feet – Have you assessed your landing pattern?

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Did you know that your foot mechanics can affect your entire body? Did you know, if you use a prosthetic device of any kind it should be assessed 3-4x / year?

When we walk (or run) our landing and stride patterns have a direct impact on the way we move. The foot is made of many bony structures with limited musculature.  Instead of a robust set of muscles (such as the pelvic floor) a system of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage maintain the delicate yet strong and powerful rebounding structure we rely on everyday.

Balance issues? That is #1 comment often caused by collapsing feet. Does that sound familiar? Did you know that a person can become more “stable” simply by wearing good, supportive shoes or by creating that with an orthotic?

My back / knee / hips/ ankles hurt?  Does that sound familiar? Did you know this can be addressed and minimized at early onset by supporting and addressing the feet?

An individual can be born with challenging structures, thus they realize a need for foot support early. But often, discovering the breakdown of our feet occurs as we age. It is my strong belief that everyone should have at least one set of orthotics to place in shoes that don’t support us well.

Do you have a prosthetic or orthosis? They are also subject to breakdown and not life-long, one time device(s). A person’s musculature changes, the device material breaks down, and sockets wear out.  It is a great day when my amputee clients send me a vide for review. Working with prosthetist is a unique and rewarding opportunity.

Are you considering orthotics? Do you have orthotics that might need a revision? Would you like a prosthetic reviewed? Contact me. I look forward to helping you move better, reduce pain, have better balance and/or excel in your sport performance by applying nearly 3 decades of orthotic and 7 years of prosthetic bio mechanic experience to you.



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