Human Core – So Much More than Abdominal Muscles

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When talking about the body, if “core” is reference to the torso, it may be helpful to think in 3D. From that perspective, its easier to visualize a network, to go beyond the idea of a singular muscle group.

So what else is there? Imagine a 3D rectangular box , then add the following to that picture.

Front:  The large rectus abdominus muscle,

Sides: In addition to oblique and transverse abdominals , the sides are supported by intercostal muscles that also wrap around to the back side.

Back: So many long back muscles support the spine in group called the Erector spinaes, but the large Latissimus Dorsi muscles are provide stability as do the hip flexors.

Top: One muscle…. Diaphragm. This one is absolutely the genesis to so many wonderful things, yet so often overlooked. Arguably the most influential muscles to all major functions within our body.

Bottom: Pelvic Floor consists of key fascial networks and a large group called the Levator Ani Muscles.  Nothing would stay in place if this didn’t work.

At IconOne, we realize the intricacies of the core are infinite. We honor that complexity with assessment, education and development of all components.

How does your exercise program include all of these??

Definitely something to think about the next time you think about the “core”.





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